Walk & Talk Counselling Sessions

Some people find it easier to talk about their thoughts and feelings while walking.  In a 'Walk & Talk' therapy session we will walk together in a park, through the woods or by a river and explore your worries and concerns.  Being active can help with stress, anxiety and depression as well as with physical health, fitness and weight management.

Ecotherapy Sessions
Ecotherapy is about improving your mental and physical well-being through activities in the natural environment.  During the sessions we will work together to address the issues that are of concern to you, and work creatively with nature as a co-therapist and key part of the healing process.

Mindfulness in Nature Sessions

Life can be busy and hectic and we can rush through things feeling stressed and anxious.  Mindfulness practice is about bringing our awareness to the present moment, slowing down, and taking the time to breathe and just be.  In our sessions we will bring our attention to the beautiful natural world that surrounds us and tune in to thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  Mindfulness practice can improve your well-being and helps with issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.  

Other types of Counselling
I can also work indoors with you if you prefer, and we can bring natural objects into the therapy room.  I am also a Certified Cyber Therapist and able to work with you online or by telephone. 

Contact me to find out more

I offer a free initial 'mutual assessment' session to discuss your goals for counselling and how we would work together. 

Contact me now to book a session. 


Where can I find you?

I work at beautiful outdoor locations across Shropshire.  Please get in touch with me and we can discuss which venues work best for you.

About Jens

I am a qualified and BACP registered counsellor.  I am passionate about the healing power of nature and have done additional training to become an Ecotherapist.